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About Us

Cascade Shooting Facilities (formerly Cascade Rifle And Pistol Club) offers the highest in quality sportsman shooting range available today. Since 1947, we have provided a superior shooting range to our members and continue to hold numerous shooting events available to the public.

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Club Mailing Address

Cascade Shooting Facilities
P.O. Box 310.
Ravensdale, WA 98051

Phone: (425) 432-1072 (message only)

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Leadership: At Cascade Shooting Facilities, you receive the kind of quality and service you expect from a leader. Our club is always evolving as the needs of our members change and as new opportunities arise. You can rest assured that, being a member of Cascade Shooting Facilities, you will enjoy the latest services of a quality sportsmanís shooting range.

If you do not have a email client installed on your computer. Right click on the department you want to email and select "copy email address". You can then paste that into your web based email service.

Executive Board

President Mike Peterson (253) 951-2394

Vice President

Buddy Miller



Mark Mitchell

(425) 433-8282


Neely Miller

(206) 963-3639


Corey Bozell


Executive Range Officer

Dennis Astell

(253) 355-8204

Range Scheduling Coordinator Sean Yunt (425)445-6432

Director of Maintenance

Don Crabbs

(253) 670-4429

Public Use Director

"Kirk" Kirkconnell

Shooting Ranges: We make it our responsibility to know our membership.

Shooting Discipline Chairpersons

Archery Doug Dennison (206) 551-9946
Black Powder Matt Berntson (425) 235-7254
Bullseye Pistol Jerry Bentler
Dick West
(206) 406-5740
(253) 217-9043
Cowboy Action Tim Thibert (206) 391-7247

Highpower Rifle

Steve Fischer
Valentine Burkhauser
Jerry Bentler

(253) 639-7247
(253) 735-6730
(206) 406-5740

Hunter Education

Ike Keating

(253) 631-0914


Jamie Benson

(206) 229-8235

Practical Pistol

Dennis Astell
Dick Staffords

(253) 355-8204
(253) 854-4176


Buddy Miller
Dennis Astell
Steve Pack
Steve Turnock

(253) 355-8204
(425) 443-3938




Small-bore Rifle

Mark Satterlee


Committee: At Cascade Shooting Facilities, our highest priority are satisfied members. You are important to us and you can expect us to go the extra mile for your sportsmanís needs. We are proud to serve you and work hard for us all to enjoy the best shooting range in western Washington.

Volunteers needed: Please contact a member of the Executive Board if you would like to volunteer for one of the vacant positions.

Committee Chairpersons

Audit Committee


Jamie Benson

(206) 229-8235

Membership Ean Paget

Steering Committee




Mat DeWater

Note: As a nonprofit club, all positions held are done so on a voluntary basis. Executive board elections are held every other year.

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