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WT - Archery Walk-through A Range - Archery
CH - Club House B Range - Multipurpose (Rifle/Shotgun)
C Range - Black Powder/Silhouette
(Rifle, Black Powder, Pistol, .22)
RH - Range House D Range - Highpower Rifle Range
  E Range - Pistol Range
(Pistol, Shotgun, .22)

CSF has moved the calendar to Google.

  • Using the blue arrows on the top left of the calendar will change months.
  • Using the tabs on the top right of the calendar will allow you to change views.
  • To see more information on a event, click on the event itself.
  • Those who have a Google account can click on the link on the bottom right for a more expanded view
  • The location information for each event will have a link to Google Maps, this feature is not working, please disregard.
  • If your having trouble viewing or using the calendar please email



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