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The Range


Below is an overview of the shooting services Cascade Shooting Facilities (formerly Cascade Rifle And Pistol Club) provides.

If at anytime, while you are browsing through our services section, you have a question related to any of our services don't hesitate to contact us or send us an e-mail.

Proper Target Placement - Everyone Must Read and Comply

NRA High-Power Clinics

NRA High-Power shooting

Hunters Education


Practical Pistol

Bullseye Pistol

Archery, 3D shoots
A-Range (100 yards) and Walk-through (10 - 50yds)

Shotgun and Centerfire rifle
B-Range (200yds)

Blackpowder, Centerfire Rifle and Rimfire
C-Range, (50, 75, 100, and 200 yards)

High-Power Rifle
D-Range (200, 300 and 600 yds)

Pistol and Rimfire
E-Range (60 yards and two shooting bays of 25 yards)

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* Suggested Target Construction Diagrams

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