Proposed Changes to By-Laws and Operating Procedures

Hello Cascade Shooting Facilities Members.

CSF is voting on a few changes to the club’s By-Laws and Operating Procedures. Ballots will be in the mail very soon. Please follow the instructions carefully so your ballot can be counted. Below is a link to a sample ballot so you can familiarize yourself with the proposed changes:


Here is the By-Law pertaining to the voting procedure:



Section 2. Voting Procedures
A. All proposed amendments, supporting documents and voting ballots shall be mailed to all members in good standing in a timely manner after the meeting in which the amendment was proposed. All voting ballots shall be marked with the amendment pertaining to them and shall be used for the amendment only. The ballot shall not have any identification indicating who the ballot was issued to. To be a valid ballot, the ballot may be mailed to: Cascade Shooting Facilities, PO Box 310, Ravensdale. WA. 98051, and received by the beginning of the General meeting on which the vote on the amendment is to take place. These mailed in ballots will be validated by their return address on the outer envelope or a separate sheet of paper indicating the valid voter’s name. The ballot must be in an unmarked, unopened security envelope within the outer (validating) envelope, then deposited to the ballot box once validated. Only one vote per membership. Spouses and children are not allowed to vote.

  1. Voting ballots may be brought in person to the general meeting at which the vote is to be taken and placed in the ballot box before the meeting begins once they have been validated.Ballots shall be made available the night of the proposed meeting to those members who have not voted by mail. The Secretary shall keep a running list of those members who have voted by mail, and the secretary or the membership chair shall verify eligible voters the night of the general meeting. The eligible voters shall be given a ballot, or they may use their ballot received in the mailing. The secretary will record their names, and all eligible voters will be allowed to vote on the measure before the general meeting. These ballots will be kept in a locked box until time to count them. All ballots will be kept secret, locked until counting time, and then preserved by CSF for ninety (90) days following the results, at which time the ballots will be destroyed. A vote counting committee of five (5) CSF members shall be chosen at random by the President at the general meeting at which the vote is to be taken. These five (5) members may not be Board of Directors or committee members. One person is to be chosen as committee chairman and will oversee the ballot counting and report the results at the end of the general meeting.

Members are encouraged to post comments regarding the proposed changes.  Comments should be appropriate to the topic. Personal attacks, foul language or other bad behavior will result in comments being removed by the CSF tech team.

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  1. Derek Mirkle says:

    I feel this is a much more fair way to decide important issues in our club. Being able to “load” the monthly meeting with your pals and push through changes is NOT the way our club should be run. I feel that all members should have the opportunity to make their vote count. Thjank you.

    1. Buddy Miller says:

      Hi Derek, which change are you referring to?


  2. Tom Diebolt says:

    My comments regarding;
    New Capital Expenditures Procedure:
    These items should be put to a vote from ALL club members not the few that can attend the general club meeting

    Membership Cap Increase & Increase in Dues:
    Proposal to increase membership by 25% and a proposal to increase dues by 18% (omitting the 50% increase for work hour fee) .
    Has the operating cost really gone up by more than 43% (it is actually more than 43% if membership goes to 1250)?
    If there are improvement projects planned please share with membership.
    I would just like to understand why such a large increase is being proposed.

    1. Amy says:

      It’s my understanding, from attending the meetings, that the construction of a new clubhouse and indoor range is in our future.

    2. Buddy Miller says:

      Hi Tom,
      Capital Expenditures are voted on by the general membership at every meeting. Typically we have 10-20 members that make the effort to actually attend a meeting. We would love to have more people active in the meetings and voting process. However, dragging something like this out over 2 months seems pain stakingly awkward. And even dragging it out for 2 months, people who have questions or oppose the purchase would still have to come to the second meeting and getting someone to attend for any reason is difficult at best.

      As far as increase in the cap goes, I too am opposed. As for the increase in dues however, our club is one of, if not, thee premier club in western Washington and we have a huge back log of people to get in. However, we are the cheapest club to join. Unfortunately many of our building and grounds need upkeep. The indoor range needs to be replaced, the water line at the outdoor range needs works, the majority of the fence line needs repair or replacement, the berms need more chips, the gates and card readers need to be updated and the list goes on and on. The last dues increase was 10 dollars a few years ago. Before that, maybe 20 years ago? I can’t remember either. It’s time for us to, as a club, prepare for the future.

      Work hour assessments. Yes I highly recommend voting yes for it. For a simple reason- no one volunteers to work, they simply pay the money because it’s cheap. Truely- we don’t want your money for work assessment we want your time. In increasing the work assessment fee we are trying to get some actual help. Current the Tuesday crew does 90-95% of the work around the club to keep it functioning. The current median age of the Tuesday crew is in the mid to upper 60s. Soon enough they simply won’t be able to do the upkeep and we will then need to either have other people helping or pay for the upkeep. Either way, by raising the hourly fee I think we can get in front of the issue now- we’ll either have the help to do the work or have the money to pay someone to do the work. Either way it’s a win/win for CSF.

  3. Paul Thackeray says:

    Where is the spread sheet and financial documents that show the breakdown of the numbers, money coming in and money going out that demonstrate that the dues increase is justified and warranted? So far we have not seen any reasoning why an increase is needed. By my calculations with dues at $110 per year and at least half of the membership (probably more) not working their hours and actually paying $190 per year CSF should easily be pulling in over 150K per year in dues. Show us the number please.


    1. Buddy Miller says:

      Hi Paul,
      Please see my comments on the due increase above.


  4. Mike Ritchey Life Member says:

    Those that know me will find nothing new in my comments. I wish very strongly that CSF would function as a business and not “just a gun club” . MR

    Membership Cap increase – How was the magic number of 1,250 arrived at. Was an analysis of the road traffic done, a review of the information from the gate computer, a survey of range utilization on a random sample or is this 1,250 a random selected number. Many times I am the only person on the total range or the only person on a specific range so would a better number be 1,500?

    Auction memberships – My recommendation is to not do it. The reason is that there is no mechanism in place to support it. Who gets to enter, how is entry done, how are bids taken, how is fraud prevented? Which youth organization gets the funds? Junior high power gets funds already. The number of members listed in the first paragraph needs to be corrected to 1,250.
    Opposed to the concept.

    Officer Term Limits – OK

    Eliminate Audio Recordings – When we were on the Board having audio recordings allowed the Board to resolve the issue of what was truly said. I think that ultimately it is going to bite that the recordings are not being done. I would like to see the written document from legal counsel saying to not record. Would a simple announcement at a meeting that it is being recorded be enough. How often do you hears this “call is being recorded or monitored for quality purposes”?

    Newsletter Replaced by Email – Great idea but the club has not authored a newsletter in years so is this a pro-forma addition?

    New Capital Expenditures – Where is the budget? How was the $1,500 derived? What is the definition of a “Capital ” item. How much is allocated each year for expense items and capital items? Is the replacement of shingles and OSB on a shooting range going to be capital or expense. Before any capital or expense item is brought forward for vote the BOARD needs to review and make a recommendation prior to the vote. The BOARD is responsible for the financials of the club not the membership. CSF is a business and needs to function like one. This should also apply to expense items.
    I am opposed to the amendment as written.

    Removing Printed Newsletter – OK

    Membership Info – This is BS and seems to be triggered by an internal issue with the BOARD and the membership chair. When we were on the BOARD the information on membership was kept in QuickBooks and was available to board members as policy as needed. It was a simple extract into MS Excel and could be sorted on any field. The BOARD needs to resolve this without making a By-Law change.
    Opposed as written.

    Retirement Age – OK

    Final Membership Renewal date move – This should include a statement as to when Membership will have the information processed and orientation for new members completed.

    Increase in Dues – Where is the budget? What are the financial requirements to operate the club for a year? What are the 2, 3 and 5 year projections for operating the club? A simple “due the math” says that with 1,250 members, 400 properties, X number agencies and the revenue from work assessment that the club has approximately $150,000 a year in income. Is the club exceeding its revenue? Is there a projected revenue shortfall?

    Explain the need to the membership body in an detailed email so they can make a informed decision. Most members are not able to attend a general meeting and the club has email available so communicate.

    Work Hours – See above

    Firearms Carry – The RCW quoted only covers concealed carry. The question was originally about open carry. This does not address that. “As a general rule, a person may legally open-carry in Washington state in any place it is legal to possess a loaded handgun, as long as it does not manifest “an intent to intimidate another or [warrant] alarm for the safety of other persons.” To open-carry a hand gun in a vehicle (e.g, car, bus, etc…) a person must have a valid concealed pistol license. ”
    Opposed until it covers the open carry issue.

    Items 14 and 15 clarify policy into documentation.

    16 – Clarifies policy.

    As always, Mike

    1. Buddy Miller CSF Vice President says:

      Hi Mike,
      As always, you have some great points and bring up some good questions. Why did you wait until the amendments were written? It would’ve been great to have some input on the front side from you and Christine. As Life Members, you guys have good input and valued opinions but we can’t do anything with them after the fact. I know our meetings coincide with your quad group meetings but maybe you guys could alternate and come to a couple in the next few months and help with some of the questions you raised here? Look forward to talking with you about them soon!


  5. Tom Diebolt says:

    Relatively new member here and I have to ask after seeing terms referenced a number of times.
    Please explain to me what are “Life Members” and “Properties Members”.
    More importantly please explain to me why they pay no dues.

    1. Buddy Miller says:

      Hi Tom,
      Life members are members who are voted on by the “life member committee” each year. Each year someone who has done a conciderable amount for the club, gone above and beyond, etc while a member at CSF, is voted into life member status by their peers. They do not pay dues as the thought behind it is that member has done so much for the club they are rewarded with no dues.

      Properties members- completely different story and very well drawn out. I truely don’t have a 100% understanding of it but several of them attend the meetings regularly and would be happy to explain it.

  6. Keith Kam says:

    Reading some of these comments. I would like to hear more details why a fee increase is needed. Sending the proposed budget by email to members before the vote would be helpful.

    1. Buddy Miller says:

      Hi Keith,
      Please see my response above on fee increase.


  7. Buddy Miller CSF Vice President says:

    Hi All,
    A few quick comments on a couple of the proposed changes-

    #3- term limits. I’m opposed to the due to the way the amendment is written. As written ANYONE can unseat someone just because they’ve “done their time”. This means an elderly member who can’t walk or get around can say they would like to be the new master at arms. They would be voted in because they can and then no one would be available to give out keys when they are lost or change a lock on a shed or check out a club gun or…. the list goes on. Or on the flip side, an 18 year old member who has never shot before but wants to be president can unseat the president and not know a thing about the range or anything to do with how it operates. Opposed as written.

    #6- capital expenditures

    I am opposed as written for the simple fact that there is a rip cord written into the last line of the amendment- if it’s an emergency it can be voted on immediately. There is no explanation as to what is concidered an emergency. Even if this was voted in it would be useless as every expenditure would simply be asked to be voted upon as an emergency. Opposed as written.

    #10- renewal date moved

    I am for this as the renewal term is extremely drawn out. Three months to renew is a little ridiculous. Cutting it back by a month will shorten the time the membership chairman will have to drag the process out. It will also allow the incoming members to actually get another month of use of their first years membership. I approve as written.

    #11- Increase in dues
    I approve as written, please see my reasoning above. One thing I didn’t put in my reasoning above as well is the cost for the road repairs. We are still working on being able to pave the road. This will be a huge expenditure. If the county ever lets us do it. But we need to be prepared if they do decide to let us do it as most permits are only good for 6 months now in King County.

    #12- increase in work assessment
    I approve as written, please see my reasoning above.

  8. Corey Bozell says:

    I am a volunteer member of the board and I am going to list my votes and thoughts on some of these topics. Hopefully this helps some people that might not know something or are on the fence.

    1. Membership cap – Reject – On the weekends, which are the busiest days, there are already enough people at the range. We don’t need more

    2. Membership auction – Reject – It is unfair for people on waiting list to get passed by someone with more money to spend

    3. Term Limits – Reject – This gives the ability for someone to kick out another volunteer that might be doing a great job for the club just because they have been in that seat for to long. The existing bylaw works just fine.

    4. Recording – Approve

    5. Newsletter – Approve

    6. Capitol Expenditures – Reject – This will put the vote for things to people that were not at the meetings and had a chance to hear the discussion regarding the purchase before making an important decision. Every time somebody has asked for money they have done their homework and got multiple bids for whatever they are requesting.

    7. Newsletter – Approve

    8. Membership Rolls – Reject – This gives personal member information to more people on the board. I believe the least amount of people that have this info the better.

    9. Retirement – Approve – simplifies process

    10. Membership Renewal – Approve – This gets the membership renewal process started sooner

    11. Dues Increase – Approve – Membership dues have not changed in many years. Our club is one of the nicest around yet it is far cheaper than others. For us to continue to keep improving on the club, renovating buildings and building new ones we will need a lot of money. This is what we need to do to continue being the best around.

    12. Work hour fee – Approve – The $10 per hour fee has not changed in many years. There are a lot of people that do not work and choose to pay for their hours. If we have to hire someone to do what a member could have done it will cost us more than $10 per hour to get work done.

    13. Firearms carry – Approve

    14. Range reservations – Approve – Clarifies what is already done

    15. Range rental – Approve – Clarifies what is already done

    16. Keys – Reject – Adds unneccassary step to process

    17. Training Director – Approve

  9. Tom Diebolt says:

    Help me ensure I have understanding direction regarding processing Ballots:
    No return envelope with postage to send in ballot
    Need to insert ballot in the provided envelope and print my name on the envelope
    For my vote to be counted I have to come to the meeting to submit my ballot.

    If all that is correct why did the club waste money sending out the ballots, when you could have emailed the membership telling them you need to come and vote in person and here is the date and time to do that.

    1. Buddy Miller says:

      No sir, place your ballot in the envelope provided and do not put any markings on it. Place that envelope inside an envelope provided by yourself . Once you have done that, address the mailing envelope to the clubs PO Box and make sure to put your name and return address on the envelope. Then affix postage and mail to the club. You are not required to come to the meeting however we would love to see you at one.

    2. Jerry Bentler says:

      I echo Corey’s comments.

  10. Jerry Bentler says:

    As a Past President, Secretary, HP Co-chairman, Bullseye co chairman, and junior coach, I endorse the measures as outlined by Board Member Cory Bozell.

  11. Mike Ritchey Life Member says:

    Well Buddy nice snarky move there in your answer. I thought that this was not to be used for personal attacks.

    Christine and I had over a two hour meeting with Mike Peterson at the Auburn library and even left our copies of the original proposals with notes with Mike. There was nothing in my answer that I have not been advocated on before or discussed with Mike. We feel that the club/organization needs to operate as a business not “just a gun club”.


    1. Buddy Miller CSF Vice President says:

      Hi Mike,
      Nothing Snarky in my comments and nothing was meant to be a personal attack. I’m sorry if you took any of it the wrong way.


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