Further clarification on appropriation of $16,000

Hello members,

It has been suggested that Jerry Bentler’s  initial posting to request an appropriation may have had shortcomings with regards to compliance with the recent bylaws changes.  The following is offered to address those potential shortcomings.

This is to serve notice that Member Jerry Bentler has made motion for an appropriation of $16,000.  The motion has been second. $13,000 will be for nine AR15 complete uppers with scopes, to be donated to the Washington State Rifle and Pistol Association Junior Service Rifle team, and $3,000 for two AR15 complete uppers with scopes for two club rifles.

Recent rule changes by the Civilian Marksmanship Program now allows for the limited use of scopes for the “Service Rifle” category of rifle competition.  The requested funds will allow the junior team and club members to retain a competitive edge, and update our equipment in a cost effective and efficient manner.  These are specialized uppers intended for service rifle competition.  Prices were gleaned from White Oak, Compass Lake and Rock River for their National Match A4 (scope ready) uppers.  White Oak is the unit of choice in this instance for it’s price,  chambering, barrel twist and reputation.  The scope is also in a unique niche.  The selected scope is a specially constructed Leupold Mark AR to White Oak specifications for service rifle competition needs.  We’ve been testing one for 9 months and find it works well for our application.  At $525 each unit, it is far less expensive than a comparably featured March ($1,995), or Night Force ($1,895).  The rails and centers are unique to our needs as well.  Scope mounts are compatible in price with all other sources.

Please keep in mind, that according to our IRS filing, our organizational mission is “Encourage the organization of all shooting sports among citizens of the US, with the view toward a better knowledge on the part of such citizens of the safe handling and proper care of firearms and improved marksmanship.  Foster the education of the youth of our community to increase participation in competition and training.”

Jerry Bentler, CSF Member

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  1. dan chavre says:

    This amount could be spent in other ways which would benefit more young people. We need to get the masses of young into liking guns quickly before we have complete anti-gun society.

    In addition this expenditure will benefit very few of the general members of the Cascade club!

  2. Anthony Traversie says:

    Let’s be realistic. The messaging of the public education system, media, and many politicians is effectively drowning out and rendering the mission statement of CSF as questionably achievable in any material way.

    From a business standpoint, CSF has a formidable competitor for dollars spent on firearm related activities. That competitor is the video game industry. From the comfort of their own home the participant can choose what course of fire, weapon type, difficulty level, and enjoy an experience that is very realistic and safe without all the inconveniences and money associated with real shooting. And with the advent of VR it only promises to improve.

    In addition to the video game industry, there are copious number of very well produced Youtube videos covering safe gun handing, maintenance, and marksmanship.

    Further, CSF should recognize that is services an ever shrinking civilian market segment and I would speculate that most members found their way into the shooting sports as a result of their military service or being closely related to someone with military service.

    Could $16k be better spent marketing CSF to ex-service persons to help perpetuate the shooting sports? The benefits would be to provide meaningful recreation to ex-service persons, help keep their perishable skills current, and secondarily grow shooting sports participation by “chain migration” of the ex-service persons spouse and progeny into the shooting community.

    By spending $16k on a market segment (existing juniors) that is already captured seems disproportionate. In my view, the money may be better spent on a more intelligently targeted marketing strategy that will result in greater participation numbers.

    Lastly, in view if the stated information above it may be worth re-visiting the CSF mission statement in view of current realities.

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