D Range (High-Power Rifle)

High power rifle events are held periodically throughout the year such as the upcoming NRA High-power shooting match.

Please be sure to check the calendar for any other upcoming events.

The D range may be used as a 200yard, 300 yard or 600 yard high power, center fire, rifle range only. The yardage in use various throughout the month. Please be sure to check the calendar if you wish to shoot a specific yardage. There are specific days specified for 200 yard, 300 yard and 600 yard usage.

You are allowed to shoot 600 yards only if the Board of Executives has granted you specific approval. Approval is obtained by presenting documentation to the Board of Executives which contains the specific external ballistics of the rounds you wish to shoot, and sufficient proof in your ability to ensure that the rounds you shoot will make it to the target, 600 yards away. The biggest concern here is at the 200 yard firing line there is a firing line shed which has a leaky roof. It is the memberships desire that anyone shooting 600 yards does so in such a way that their bullets won’t drop onto the roof of the 200 yard firing line.