Lost and Found

Lost and Found Items

Here is a list of lost and found items on the range:

  • Found – Howard Leight electronic earmuffs
  • Lost – Green REI Hydro wide mouth insulated water bottle – Lost on July 2nd 2017
  • Lost – Spotting scope. Marked as Garcia. This is lost by a member who is a green beret, so it should be obvious as military
  • Found – Jackets – multiple different ones.
  • Found – Ammo cans. Use the contact form and if you can identify the cans and what is in them, you get them back.
  • Found – Container of targets. You must be able to identify the container and the targets
  • Lost – Magpul Glock 9mm magazines on the E4 range.

If you have found these items, please use the contact form on this site and we will get you in touch the owner. Thank you for helping out your fellow members.

If you have lost items, please feel free to use the contact form to send information to the webmaster to post here.