Lost and Found

Lost and Found Items

We keep a list of lost and found items on a google sheet that can be found here

found ? Howard Leight electronic earmuffs ?
lost ? Green REI Hydro wide mouth insulated water bottle – Lost on July 2nd 2017 ?
lost ? Spotting scope. Marked as Garcia. This is lost by a member who is a green beret, so it should be obvious as military ?
found ? Jackets – multiple different ones. ?
found 10/2017 Ammo cans. Use the contact form and if you can identify the cans and what is in them, you get them back. dennisastell@yahoo.com
found 10/2016 Container of targets. You must be able to identify the container and the targets dennisastell@yahoo.com
lost ? Magpul Glock 9mm magazines on the E4 range. ?
found 3/18/18 Mec Case-Guard 50 round ammo box, two-tone smpack@comcast.net
found 3/2 Knife dennisastell@yahoo.com
test test Sean entered this as a test seanyunt@gmail.com
found 5/7/18 folding knife dennisastell@yahoo.com
found 5/7/18 wrist watch dennisastell@yahoo.com
found 6/9/18 Someone left a toolbox full of range supplies on B range left in gate house
lost 3/15/20 filson sz med green coat, carhartt soft lunch box, thermos / mug w name on bottom and covered with stickers. Kris Schwartz 253-630-0671
found 5/27/20 Nice hand made folding knife on the D range. You will have to ID the Maker and color. dmerdich@comcast.net
lost 10/18/20 pink camo crossman 760 BB/pellet gun. We were at Range C far left end. We left around 3:30pm. mjblue831@hotmail.com

If you have found these items, please email lostandfound@cascadeshootingfacilities.org and we will get you in touch the owner. Thank you for helping out your fellow members.

If you have lost items, please feel free to use the contact form to send information lostandfound@cascadeshootingfacilities.org