About CSF

Cascade Shooting Facilities (formerly Cascade Rifle and Pistol Club) offers the highest in quality shooting ranges available today. Since 1947, we have provided a superior shooting range to our members and continue to hold numerous shooting events available to the public, such as Public Shooting Days.

CSF operates two range locations, one indoor and one outdoor. For more information, please see the Ranges page.

Club Mailing Address:
Cascade Shooting Facilities
P.O. Box 310
Ravensdale, WA 98051

Phone: (425) 432-1072 (message only)

Executive Board 

President Ken Littlefield (206) 200-7515
Vice President Neely Miller (206) 963-3639
Secretary Steven Winter (253) 258-4101
Treasurer Buddy Miller (206) 227-6643
Master-at-Arms Valentine Burkhauser (206) 719-3980
Executive Range Officer Joe McCormick (425) 277-1161
Range Scheduling Coordinator John McCormick (425) 277-1161
Director of Maintenance Howard Ferrucci (206) 409-6111
Public Use Director Dan Chavre (206) 919-4012

Shooting Discipline Chairpersons

Volunteers needed: Please contact a member of the Executive Board if you would like to volunteer for one of the vacant positions or the Committee people if you want to help there.

Archery Doug Dennison (206) 551-9946
Black Powder Matt Berntson (425) 235-7254
Bullseye Pistol Dick West (253) 217-9043
Cowboy Action Tim Thibert (206) 391-7247
Mini 3 Gun Tim Thibert (206) 391-7247
Highpower Rifle Valentine Burkhauser
Jim Obermeyer
Omayra Linse
(206) 719-3980
(206) 902-0966
(206) 310-9553
Hunter Education Jerry Bishop (206) 849-8889
Juniors Kris Schwartz (206) 518-1305
Practical Pistol Dennis Astell
Dick Staffords
John Auditore
(253) 355-8204
(253) 854-4176
(425) 432-2082
Shotgun Buddy Miller
Dennis Astell
Steve Turnock
(206) 227-6643
(253) 355-8204
(425) 443-3938
Silhouette Vacant  
Small-bore Rifle Brent Olson (253) 335-15101
Women’s JoDee Ferrell (206) 459-4877
Training Steven Powell SouthKCTraining@outlook.com

Committee Chairpersons

Audit Committee  Vacant  
Orientation Steven Powell SouthKCTraining@outlook.com
Membership Valerie Burkhauser Contact
Steering Committee Vacant  
Tech Team Sean Yunt  
Webmaster Sean Yunt  

Note: As a non-profit club, all positions held are done so on a voluntary basis. Executive board elections are held every other year.