Range Safety Rules

  1. Proper Target Placement – Everyone Must Read and Comply
  2. Ear protection is required for all shooting activity involving firearms. Eye protection is strongly recommended for all shooting activities
  3. All uncased firearms must be unloaded with action open and clips/magazines removed, except when preparing to fire on the firing line
  4. Shooter will clean up the firing point when finished. Remove all of your empty casings, targets, frames, cleaning patches and other trash when you leave.
  5. When a cease-fire has been called; place firearm on bench unloaded, action open and muzzle pointed downrange, step back from bench and behind yellow line.
  6. DO NOT handle firearms during the ceasefire.
  7. The person calling  a cease-fire will call line hot when line is ready.
  8. No targets on top of the trap house
  9. All shots will be directed down range at proper targets, in designated areas, to impact directly into berms
  10. Only use authorized targets, per by-laws. No shooting at glass bottles, cans, rocks or any item that may cause harm to persons, animals, or Club property is permitted.
  11. No smoking while shooting black powder.
  12. Do not climb on or place targets on berms.
  13. No metal targets closer than 40 meters to the firing line, unless you have and are wearing the special exemption.
  14. No alcoholic beverages allowed.
  15. No tracer or other incendiary type ammunition.
  16. Biodegradable aerial targets and #71/2 or smaller shot only allowed on the Multipurpose Range.
  17. All shooters under 18 must be accompanied by an adult of at least 21 and be under their direct control while shooting or handling firearms.
  18. All wildlife and domestic animals are protected on Club property.
  19. Block North access road while shooting on the Archery Range.
  20. In case of emergency, call 911. The range phone number is 425.413.2687. Street address is 26520 292nd Ave. SE. Stay on the phone until dispatch says you can leave.