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Interested in becoming a member?

Membership at Cascade Shooting Facilities (CSF) is capped at 1,250 members. Currently, the club is at that cap and is utilizing a waiting list for individuals who are interested in joining. When there are openings, individuals will be invited in the order they joined the waitlist. Openings usually happen sometime in late summer/early fall when the membership levels drop if people do not renew their membership.

Members are required to pay an annual membership fee (excluding CSF life members) and volunteer at least eight (8) hours for the club. In lieu of volunteering, you may pay a Work Assessment Fee. There are plenty of opportunities to volunteer for your club to help out regardless of your physical capabilities. If you need more information go to Volunteer Work and Work Assessment Fees.

Members are required to have and maintain an NRA membership.

Note: NRA membership is a pre-requisite to joining and keeping your membership active in CSF.

How to Get on the Waitlist

Note: Unfortunately at this time, Cascade Shooting Facilities is not accepting new waitlisted members. Our waitlist size has grown considerably and we will re-open the waitlist when this changes.

What’s next?

Once your application is received, it will be processed and assigned a rank on the waiting list. You will be notified by email when your application is processed. Applications are normally processed within a few days of being received; however, they can take longer in some cases. If you do not hear from the membership chair within two weeks, feel free to send a follow-up email to ensure that your application was received.

As mentioned above, new members are only added once a year in the late summer/early fall. It is impossible to know how many new members will be added each year. The number of new members added is determined based on the number of members who either voluntarily resign or are dropped for failure to pay their annual dues on time.

New members will be invited to join the club based on their waiting list rank. Applicants who are invited to join will be sent an email invitation with details for the new member orientation meeting. The club holds new member orientation sessions on an as-needed basis. If you are unable to attend either session, you will have to wait until the following year to join. At the orientation, you are required to pay your dues in full (currently $130 per year).

After the new member orientations are completed, we will send out a waiting list status update to all applicants who are still on the waiting list. Once the updates are sent, the waiting list ranks will not change until after the new member orientation occurs the following year.

Because all correspondence, including invitations to join, are sent via email, it is vital that you maintain your email address with the membership chairman. Please note that we have had reports that Comcast email accounts sometimes fail to receive emails sent from the club. If you have a Comcast email account, we recommend adding an alternate email address to your application.

If you have questions about the application process, please email the membership chair using the Contact Us form.

Renewal Information

Click here to access our membership system.

Please contact the membership chair right away at if your mailing address has changed.

If you have questions about the renewal process, please contact membership at