Indoor Range (.22 short, long, long-rifle only)

The indoor range is attached to the clubhouse. It’s an indoor, heated facility which offers a 20 yard, .22 Long Rifle, .22 Long, and .22 short, indoor range great for plinking after the sun sets early in the winter. As the range is not designed for it, .22 magnum and centerfire are strictly prohibited. This range is in a rural residential area and the sound will make our neighbors unhappy. We like our neighbors and want them to be happy. So please abide by the rules!

The sound is also why this range is only open certain hours. The sound of rounds hitting the backstop makes a lot more noise for our neighbors than you would think.

The indoor range and clubhouse are located just a few miles away from the outdoor range. For the address, look at the bottom of this page in the “Find Us” section.