Schedule Request

For members and agencies only.

Please complete this form to schedule a range or facility.   You may also use this form to request changes to an existing schedule.  Don’t forget to scroll to the bottom and click the SUBMIT button when you’re ready.

This form is not intended to be used for rental requests (refer to Operating Procedures of Cascade Shooting Facilities, Article IX for details about rentals).

For a new schedule request:  In order to establish availability of a range or facility and to support a request as detailed in the following paragraph a requestor should submit this electronic form prior to the General Membership meeting at which they will be presenting.  Alternatively, blank physical forms will be available prior to General Membership meetings so that a requestor can submit the form to the Range Scheduling Coordinator prior to the start of the meeting.  Time will be taken at each General Meeting to discuss and vote on requests that require a vote of the membership.

For CSF members (excerpt from Article IV, Section 2 of the CSF Operating Procedures… The use of the clubhouse/rangehouse/range by individual members for private functions is not allowed without prior approval of the membership.  Prior arrangements for its use must be made by motion, in person, at the General Membership meeting at least 30 days prior to the proposed use. Said use, unless waived by vote at the General Membership meeting, shall not include any consecutive days. The request shall be brought before the membership for a motion and vote in accordance with Article VIII,  Section 5 of these Operating Procedures. The facilities must be left in a clean and orderly condition after its use.