Each summer Cascade Shooting Facilities hosts a series of summer biathlon events conducted by the Washington Biathlon Association.  Summer biathlon is a variant of the traditional winter biathlon, which combines cross-country skiing and rifle shooting. However, in summer biathlon, due to the absence of snow, skiing is replaced with other endurance-based sports such as running, mountain biking, or roller skiing.

June 2, 2023
The first summer biathlon race of 2023 took place on June 2nd at the Cascade Shooting Facility in Ravensdale, Washington.  Sunday’s race format consisted of two distinct events. The first race commenced with a mass start running and four shooting bouts, showcasing their marksmanship skills in prone and offhand.

The second event was a mountain bike race with three shooting bouts, testing their ability to maintain focus and accuracy under physical duress.

The event attracted a diverse field of 28 competitors, spanning various age groups from 8-year-olds to participants in their 60s. Notably, the race saw a strong representation of women, with over a third of the participants being female. CSF members Kaydee and Ian Gunter and board member Jon Maston all competed and placed respectfully in their categories, while Joanne and Steve Angel worked to support the management of the race course.

The event showcased the growth and popularity of summer biathlon, with a diverse group of athletes coming together to celebrate this challenging and captivating discipline. The Washington Biathlon’s first summer race was a resounding success, leaving participants and spectators eagerly anticipating future events in the biathlon calendar. For more information about the Washington Biathlon Association and how to get started, please visit

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