July 2018 Match Results

The match results from yesterday are attached.  It was a great sunny day
for a match.  Thank you for your patience while we worked out the issues with Paula Kawal’s rifle.  It would appear that the bolt or bolt carrier group was the culprit.

I overlooked the fact that Zevin Linse’s score was the same as the match
winner Kris Schwartz.  But Kris had 21x, and Zevin had 15x.

Our next match is the Cascade Cup, 60 shot prone on July 21st.
Registration begins at 8, shooting at 9:15.  I’ll be hanging with the
Juniors at Camp Perry, so have a great time with Val and Steve.

2018 July RMC Results


*NOTE: Omayra Linse should be listed as High 
Woman for the match with a score of 743-10x