October 2021 Match Results

Hello fellow shooters, We had 14 shooters show up for our AR-15 match, some shot other rifles but for sure it was a great day to be at the range. Congratulations to Mike Schwartz for the match win.  Our last match of the year will be a service pistol/service rifle on Veterans Day Thursday, November…

April 2021 Match Results

Hello everyone, The results from Saturday and Sunday’s events are attached.  Our nextmatch will be our annual M1 Garand/ M1 Carbine match on May 15th.  Thefollowing day will be our May RMC.

Vedvick Memorial LR6 Match results

Saturday’s match results are attached.  Thanks again for coming outdespite the forecast of cold wet weather.  It was odd to see snow inApril, that’s for certain.  And a thank you to Kerry, Dan and Michaelfor donating their winnings to the junior program. Our next match is an Approved RMC this coming Saturday, and the 80…

March 2021 Match Results

Hi everyone, The match bulletins from last weekend are attached.  I was on vacationand not inclined to view a computer screen for a few days.  Thank youfor attending.  Our next matches will be the Vedvick Memorial LR6 onApril 10th, an Approved RMC on April 17th, and the Alex Parv 80 shotOffhand match on April 18th. …

February 2021 Match Results

Hello everyone, The match results from the weekend are attached.  It was a very goodturnout for each day.  We hope you all had a good time.  Our next matchis a 600 yard prone match on March 20th, and a RMC on the 21st.  Bothare NRA Approved.

December 2020 Match Results

The match results for Saturday’s match are attached.  You will also findthe 2021 HP schedule for Cascade.  Thanks for joining us this year. Here’s to a better 2021!!

November 2020 Match Results

The match results are attached.  There was one more correction. BrianDeatherage was 2nd place instead of James Croisier in pistol.  Our nextmatch will be on December 5th.  We’ve ordered good weather for theoccasion.  Hopefully there will be just one more day in stock for us. Hope to see you there.

October 2020 Match Results

The match results are attached.  Thanks for coming out.  It was a smallbut fun group.  Our next SP-SR match will be on Nov. 21st. Hope to seeyou there.

October 2020 AR15 Match Results

The match results are attached as well as a picture of the match winnerKris Schwartz.  Our next match is a non sanctioned Service Pistol,Service Rifle match on Oct 17th.  Perhaps we’ll see some of you there. Thanks for helping to make this year a great success at Cascade.

September 2020 Match Results

The match results from Saturday and Sunday are attached.  The Saturdaymatch was fired reduced at 200 due to the intense smoke. At one point inthe morning we could not see the trees at 600 yards from the 200 yardline.  I believe the smoke contributed to the low turnout on Sunday. Thanks to all for coming to…