October 2019 Match Results

The results of today’s match are attached.  Thank you for attending. With the great weather, it was a wonderful way to finish off theseason.  Thanks for joining us this year. Jerry Bentler

September 2019 Match Results

Attached are the match results from the weekend.  It was nice that wedodged the rain on Sunday and didn’t have a bunch of gear to dry outwhen we got home.  Our next match will be our annual AR15 Match onOctober 6th.  The following weekend will be our “beginning of winter”Service Pistol-Service Rifle match.  This is…

June 2019 Match Results

Hello everyone, Welcome to Monday.  The match results from Saturday and Sunday are attached.  Our next match will be the Robin Hood Match on July 20th.  It is the State 300 yard championship.  Eighty shots prone. July 21st will be our July RMC.

May 2019 Match Results

The match results from this weekend are attached.  Thank you for attending.  Our next match is the Cascade Cup on June 15th.  It is a 60 shot, 600 yard prone match.  On Father’s Day, we will host our annual Father’s Day BBQ and Junior Fundraiser RMC. Hope to see you there.

Jim Plowden Award Lifetime CSF Membership

Out of recognition for years of service, Jim was awarded a lifetime membership to Cascade Shooting Facilities at the May 2019 general meeting. Congratulations and thanks Jim!

April 2019 Match Results

The match results from Sunday’s match is attached.  Thank you for braving the cold and wet to shoot in honor of Rich Vedvick.  There are some changes from the original posting on Sunday.  It was revealed that Jim Obermeyer was the match winner, and Dick Elliott was First Combined. Our next match is the M1 Garand/M1 Carbine match…