January 2020 Match Results

2020 January, Service Pistol-Service Rifle Name Pistol Rifle Aggregate John Baczuk 513-14x 1st 483.8x 996-22x Jerry Bentler 477-2x 568-18x 1035-18x Dick Elliott 268 570-13x 2nd 838-13x Dave Gere 496-11x 574-19x 1st 1070-30x MW Bill Hazlett 407 528-8x 935-8x Brian Keelean 504-4x 2nd 559-9x 1063-13x 2nd George Lopuch 443-3x 561-7x 1004-10x Mike Schwartz 298-1x 547-7x 845-8x…

Public shoot days to double in 2020

Starting the second week of January 2020, CSF will be making the C range available for public shooting 4 days in a row, twice a month. Here are the new times for January 2020: Wed Jan 7th 10:00-15:00 Thu Jan 8th 10:00-15:00 Fri Jan 9th 10:00-15:00 Sat Jan 10th 10:00-15:00 Please see our club calendar…

November 2019 Match Results

The match results from yesterday are attached.  It was a great turnout. Thank you for joining us.  Our next SP-SR match is on December 7th.

October 2019 Match Results

The results of today’s match are attached.  Thank you for attending. With the great weather, it was a wonderful way to finish off theseason.  Thanks for joining us this year. Jerry Bentler

September 2019 Match Results

Attached are the match results from the weekend.  It was nice that wedodged the rain on Sunday and didn’t have a bunch of gear to dry outwhen we got home.  Our next match will be our annual AR15 Match onOctober 6th.  The following weekend will be our “beginning of winter”Service Pistol-Service Rifle match.  This is…