Frequently Asked Questions

QUESTION: Do I have to be a member of the NRA to join CSF?
ANSWER: Yes. To be a member of CSF you must also, be a member of the NRA. It is a requirement of grants we received from the NRA. You may join the NRA on-line by going to our website and using the link provided at the bottom in order to receive a discount from the normal NRA rate.

QUESTION: The annual membership extends from May 1 st of one year to April 30th of the following year. Do you prorate mid-year applications?
ANSWER: Yes. From November 1 st to February 28th the membership fee is one-half of the yearly fee. If you choose to join in March or April, you will pay the full membership fee but it will be credited towards the remainder of the current year and, also, all of the next membership year.

QUESTION: I like to shoot with my teenage son. Is there a family membership available? Or do juveniles get to shoot for free, or at reduced rates?
ANSWER: CSF is a family oriented club. As such, a membership allows the member to bring family to shoot, at no additional cost. However, any family members brought to the Ranges MUST be accompanied by and under direct supervision of the Club Member. As a member, you must be in immediate reach of any minor children who are shooting with you. A member may bring friends to shoot but they must be accompanied by and shooting on the same range with you. For an additional $10 fee a spouse may join CSF and receive a badge and keys after attending a new member orientation. They may attend the orientation at the same time as the joining member or they may attend at a later date. With their own badge and keys they may shoot at any time, per Range SOP’s, with full membership privileges.

QUESTION: If I am a student can I receive a reduced cost membership?
ANSWER: Yes. As stated in the BYLAWS: Student members shall be assessed annual dues in the amount of one-half (½) the regular membership dues. A student member shall be defined as those 18 years of age, or older, and enrolled full time (with proof of enrollment) in high school or post-secondary education.

QUESTION: I would like to know the rules regarding magazine capacity limits (pistol and rifle), drawing from the holster, and shooting multi-shot strings (what some ranges call “rapid fire”).
ANSWER: We have no specific prohibitions about magazine capacities, or loading full magazines. We have no specific prohibitions against drawing from a holster or rapid fire strings at approved targets

QUESTION: I would like to know the rules regarding shooting at “bad guy” paper targets (the ranges I’ve visited forbid all humanoid targets).
ANSWER: With regard to ‘humanoid’ target I will quote from our Range Standard Operating Procedures: “3.7 Only approved paper targets will be used. These targets will NOT be a “human” type target with human features, personality or details. The following silhouette type targets are specifically authorized for club usage: [From NRA nomenclature] B-27, B-273, B-34, B-29, TQ-15, TQ-16, TQ-19, TQ-20, B-21, B-21x, B-21e, and B-30. 3.8 Metal targets will be shot at only on B, C, and E ranges and at a minimum distance of 40 meters with an adequate backstop. They must be free swinging or knock down. All shots must impact the backstop berm.

QUESTION: Does the club allow .50 BMG rifles?
ANSWER: Yes. There are no restrictions on calibers of rifles or pistols on the outdoor ranges.

QUESTION: I’ve seen fresh elk tracks at the range. As a member, may I hunt animals on the range facilities?
ANSWER: No! All wildlife and domestic animals are protected on Club property. No hunting on club property is allowed.

QUESTION: May I shoot on the D Range at 500 or 600 yards?
ANSWER: Before you may shoot at these distances you must show one of our High Power Instructors to you are competent to do so. You may arrange to meet one of them on the D Range and demonstrate that you are able to shoot at these distances. You may shoot at the 200 or 300 yard distances on a first come basis unless something else is scheduled on the D Range.

QUESTION: If I get to the range and find that I have forgotten my badge, may I stay and shoot anyway?
ANSWER: No! You must have your badge with you and visible at all times while shooting on any of the ranges. Your badge is the only means of proving that you are a member should the need arise.