Motion to request funding the purchase and donation of 10 spotting scopes and 10 scope stands

This is written a notice of a proposal for a motion to request funding the purchase of 10 spotting scopes and 10 scope stands, to be donated to the Kent Schools Marine Corps JROTC smallbore program, at a cost of $2,970.

10 scopes        $1110
10 stands        $1800
Shipping           $60
Total               $2970

Kent Marine Corps JROTC has an air rifle marksmanship program administered and training at Kentwood High School.  Kent JROTC currently is fielding up to three, four person teams at shooting matches.  At many of the matches, all 3 teams fire at the same time.  They currently have only 4 spotting scopes.  That leaves two teams without a full complement of equipment.

Competitive shooters (and casual shooters as well for that matter) understand the immediate need for feedback on each shot, especially beginners.  Having spotting scopes for each shooters allows the team to be fully competitive with other teams equally equipped.

This motion will be voted on at the March general meeting.