Announcing changes to renewal process for 2018

Hello CSF Members,

I wanted to let you know about some upcoming changes we’ll be implementing this year for renewals.

The membership team is excited to announce that we’ve started the process of moving to an online membership management system for all our members. This system will allow our members to log in online and manage their membership. This includes paying club dues and registering for club events, among many other features.

This change eliminates much of the difficult work that the membership team has to do each year as well as eliminating the need for us to spend thousands of dollars and a significant amount of time mailing out paper to each member. It uses strong encryption, and the payment processor we’ve selected is fully PCI DSS compliant meaning that credit card details are safe and secure.

I also want to be very clear – you are *NOT* going to be required to pay online. It is simply an option for our members who wish to do so. We will still accept checks or cash, in the same manner in which we always have.

We have taken steps to ensure a smooth transition, however, in the event that we experience problems, the volunteer membership team appreciates your patience and understanding. If you have questions about the new system, or at any point run into an issue, please reach out to the membership team by emailing us at or visiting our help page. We will work quickly to resolve any issues you might encounter during this transition. As we progress, we’ll make more information available on how you can log in to the new system. More on that soon.

Finally, I’d like to thank you for your membership at CSF. This club’s fantastic members are one of the key reasons why it’s so great.

See you on the range!


Joe Markgraf

Membership Committee Chair


  1. steve says:

    So do we just go to the website and request to join?

    1. Joe Markgraf says:

      Hi Steve,

      If you’re already a member at CSF, you don’t need to do anything yet. More instructions will be sent out as we near renewals.

      If you are not yet a member, then you can join the waiting list at the URL you mentioned.

  2. ART BROCKWAY says:

    How will this work for those of us who have put in time at the range to reduce our membership fee

    1. Joe Markgraf says:

      Hi Art,

      Work hours will be counted up and members that didn’t perform the mandatory club minimum (8) during the last year will receive an invoice for the unmet hours. This will be separate from your annual dues which are due the first week in May.

      You will receive renewal instructions in the next few weeks. Stay tuned!

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