Our rights might be at risk

The following content is a message from Curtis at Adventure Protection. He’s a member, professional instructor and friend of CSF. His comments are his own, but we have shared them here for your consideration. Thanks -editor


WA state politicians have introduced an huge number of anti-gun bills. They aren’t even pretending anymore.

We’ve started activating the women in our community. We’re encouraging them to make their voices heard and we’ve created materials to help them. You’re welcome to use some of the same ideas and/or content to help Cascade members. The NRA is doing some of this, but they aren’t on top of every bill being considered in our state.

Last year we trained over 140 ladies, and have another 50 booked for upcoming classes. Our mailing list of past students and waitlisters has ~250 people on it. We have 230+ followers on our Facebook page. Big numbers for less than a year in business—we’re proud of these. And we as gun owners still need more voices to be heard.

I’ve created a simple set of instructions people can use to make their voices heard in Olympia in response to the numerous bills. It should take people 10 minutes max, and probably only 5 minutes: https://adventureprotection.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/01/AP-Legislative-Action-Instructions.pdf

On our Facebook page, we outline the bill, bill title, a link to the bill, and talking points, and include a link to the instructions. They can copy and paste the talking points into their comments and email. An example of this is included in the instructions linked above.

Not everyone will take the time, but the goal is to make it as simple as possible for them to take action.

I’d love to see the club make resources available for the members. Again, feel free to use any of the resources I’ve created if it helps.

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